Years inbreeding, practicing foul rites and consorting with otherworldly denzins has led to the birth of more than a few malformed, degenerate members of the Whateley family.  Enoch is one of these "touched cousins".  A mass of writhing tentacles and bulging eyestalks, Enoch was kept hidden from the citizens of Gomorra in the Whateley family manor.  When the Texas Rangers attacked the Whateley family manor, Nicodemus revealed Enoch during the fight.  Enoch was responsible for the death of Zeke Beauchamp, and may have been responsible for that of Joe Larson.  Enoch may also have played a role in the the destruction of Tombstone Frank's body.

The only thing that stopped Enoch from killing Ranger leader, Katie Karl, was the intervention of the harrowed J.P. Coleman which caused Enoch to pause momentarily, giving Katie a chance to shoot out one of Enoch's eyes.  J.P. Coleman then dragged Katie Karl to safety.

Enoch reappeared when members of the Agency attacked the Whateley manor and attempted to kill Cort Williams.  Cort was saved when another Agent, Sister Mary Jebidiah, summoned a locust swarm giving Cort a chance to ram a stick of lit dynamite  into Enoch's mouth.

The explosion destroyed Enoch, but also injured Cort Williams who received shrapnel wounds in his back in the form of Enoch's bone shards.