The Sweetrock Mining Company were a major corporation that took an interest in Gomorra soon after the large deposits of Ghost Rock were discovered. They did much of the early development work on the town, erecting some of the important buildings.

They would very much like to keep Gomorra entirely under their control. To this end, they are not above some illegal activities to drive out other miners. They have not been entirely successful, but they are in control of the majority of mining around Gomorra.

One of the miners they drove out was "Black Jack" Jackson who went on to start his outlaw gang with the express intention to be a thorn in their side.

The local boss of Sweetrock is Howard Findley who is slowly being driven insane by the increasing evidence of supernatural activity, as well as the knowledge of all the unconscionable acts he has been forced to sanction in order to maintain Sweetrock's hold over Gomorra.